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Why Hire an Editor?

In these days of Spellcheck, Grammarcheck, and
many other automated editing programs, why should
a writer hire an editor? An editor brings an observant
eye, a knowledge of the nuances of language, and
the ability to suggest just the right structure or word
to convey your ideas to your readers. An editor works
with the writer, learning how the writer thinks and
refining his/her ideas for clear communication to

"Ideas are to literature what light is to painting." Paul Bourget

"Good words are worth much." George Herbert

Member of the Editors’ Association of Canada – BC branch

Why Hire Me As Your Editor?

I am a former teacher who brings 34 years of practical
experience to the editing process. I am comfortable
working with a variety of genres, and will use my
extensive knowledge of the style, structure, and
mechanics of the English language to polish your
writing. Each client receives personalized attention;
the goal is writing that shines.

Your writing is like the gem which has been hewn from
rough ore. You have given it form, facets, and style.
I, as your editor, will be the jeweller who polishes
your gem and places it in the perfect setting.


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